Basement Waterproofing

Does your basement feel humid, smell musky/moldy or have visible moisture spots? These are the telltale signs of water intrusion!

These symptoms are often more common in fall and spring as rainwater and snow runoff create water pools around your home.  Under certain conditions the water builds up and permeates the concrete, sometimes causing cracks or moisture spots.

The good news is that these leaks can be prevented with a Basement Waterproofing system from Plumbers Direct where we offer:

  • Highly Competitive Rates!
  • FREE home inspection and no obligation quote
  • Licensed Plumber fully certified for basement waterproofing
  • 100% Guaranteed work!
Did you know you may qualify for up to a $3,200 a subsidy under the City of Toronto’s basement flooding protection program?

waterproofing membrane

After inspecting your home we will provide a detailed quote for required work. A typical Toronto basement waterproofing involves installing a membrane on the exterior of the foundation and/or on the inside of the basement.  If needed we will also create underground channels for water runoff. Plumbers Direct’s highly skilled team will waterproof your basement and take care of those leaks permanently. We use the latest equipment and proven technologies to ensure your job is done right!