Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy

Sump_Pump_DiagramProtect Your Home Before the Next Big Storm Hits!

Did you know that a basement flooded with backed up sewage water, referred to in the industry as “Black Water” is a bio-hazard and can take weeks or more to properly clean up.

The City of Toronto’s Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program pays up to 80% of the costs to install preventive measures against basement sewage flooding.

Plumbers Direct is licensed by the City of Toronto to assess your home and will do so FREE of charge. If we find that your property requires one or more the preventive measures listed below we’ll perform the required work and assist you to obtain the maximum allowable subsidy up to $3,400.

Depending on what we find we may recommend one or more of the following:

Back-Water Valveback-water-valve

Plumbers Direct will install a back-water valve on the sanitary sewage and/or stormwater connection to provide basement flooding protection.

Sump Pump

Plumbers Direct will install a sump pump to manage water normally collected by footing weeping tiles that drain to the sanitary storm or combined sewer.

Pipe Severance and Capping

Plumbers Direct will disconnect the foundation drains (weeping tiles) from the City’s sewer system by severing and capping the underground storm sewer connection pipe.